Monday, January 25, 2010


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This campy low-budget Werewolf flick is actually pretty decent. It's about a young girl who finds out the horrific truth about her new neighbor after some of the locals start turning up missing - He's a Werewolf! Like I said, it's not bad considering there are literally dozens of crappier werewolf flicks on the shelf today. I wouldn't go out of my way to get it, but if you pass it in the video store and can't find anything else, grab it.


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Juliette Lewis is phenomenal in this movie!!! I really can't believe the dynamite range she has when she's acting. She's irresistible as Carla Tate, a slightly mentally disabled young woman who struggles to break free from her over-protective mother, Elizabeth (Diane Keaton). Carla meets an equally challenged young man and they soon form an unbreakable bond with one another. It's a feel-good Romantic Dramedy that has an undeniable power to entertain its audience. Rent it!


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This is a very entertaining TV show!! And it's all because of Toni Collette. She is simply divine as she portrays a middle-aged wife and mother of two, who suffers from Disassociative Personality Disorder - AKA - Multiple Personalities. As her personalities fight each other to be known to the world, Tara tries to keep her life in balance. The Show's great, I say rent it!


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WHITEOUT's trailer was quite appealing and looked very promising. Well, unfortunately, the film itself was very lackluster at best. It has a pretty good storyline but it was poorly executed. To me, it felt very long and drawn-out. It was by all means nothing like the action-packed, suspenceful trailer. In my opinion, I say save yourself the time and watch the trailer...


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Julia Roberts stars as a young woman who takes a job as caretaker for a young man who is suffering from leukemia. Her only job is to help him through his reactions to chemotherapy and take care of him, instead she falls in love with him in this romantic drama about life and its true meaning. This is a beautiful film and I highly recommend it...


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This modern take on the classic fairytale starring Brandy and Whitney Houston is mesmerizing. It's full of beautiful costumes and music and is wonderfully acted. Bernadette Peters & Whoopi Goldberg co-star in this flawless Made-For-TV Adaptation.


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This was good for a 1-Time viewing at the very best. I only wanted to see this because it was a spoof on TWILIGHT. Now, it could have been fun and entertaining... but it really wasn't. If I had to hear any of the "Actors" in this "Movie" reference Finger-Bang one more time, I was going to have to smash the disc into pieces...
If you want to see it because it's a spoof on Twilight, then let that be your only reason. Otherwise, skip it.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


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Sorority Row is high-energy, fast-paced fun. The beginning of the film rolls out like "I Know What You Did Last Summer" as the sisters of Theta Pi inadvertently kill one of their Sorority Sisters and make a pact to keep her death a secret... The movie itself is a whole lot of fun. Especially when viewed with a group of friends. It's an awesome popcorn flick with some pretty cool death sequences and a nice twist ending. Go rent it!

Monday, January 4, 2010


Alright, here we go with the FINAL DESTINATION Franchise review... I thoroughly enjoyed every installment in this saga. They all had plenty of twists and turns, along with their fair share of thrills & chills. I'm gonna break it all down for you starting with:


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Once in a while, there comes a film that re-defines the teen slasher genre. Here is the film that re-defined that title by having "DEATH" be the villain that's knocking off helpless teens with no apparent escape. And in so many creative ways! It tells the story of a boy that 'sees' the plane he's traveling to Paris on explode upon lift-off. He then gets himself and a group of people thrown off the plane, as it explodes minutes later, just like in his premonition. They've all escaped death, but not for long... This is a great Thriller / Horror film that really took the genre to the next level. And if you haven't seen it, you need to go rent it immediately!


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It's very rare for a sequel to mesh so flawlessly with its predecessor, but this film does it. If you were to watch Final Destination and this film, FD2 together they will play out like one movie. It's hip, entertaining and scary as hell. This one tells the story of how other people were affected by the rift in death's "design" and how "Death" goes about cleaning up the aftermath. I loved it! This is a worthy follow-up to the smash hit original feature!


(9 1/2 of 10)

This one starts off with a fresh storyline and a whole new group of fresh faces to die in horrific and gory ways. It keeps the Premonition aspect as a young woman sees her friends being killed on a roller coaster that goes awry at an amusement park. And of course, she gets them off only to get them on Death's hit list so they can die in even more gruesome ways. This film is great fun and the death scenes are exquisitely elaborate. The "Nail Gun" scene is my favorite sequence. And if you don't know what I mean, and you enjoyed the first two films, go rent it for yourself.


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This one brings it to the streets! Or should I say Tracks, as in Race Tracks. That's the setting for the latest installment in this uber-popular franchise. A young man sees a "vision" of a raceway engulfing in flames and killing everybody in it! He then flashbacks to before it happens and gets his friends and some other people out of the raceway before it happens. They all think they just got lucky, but they were dead-wrong! This one was presented in 3D at the Cinema and it was amazing in 3D! On Blu-ray and DVD however, not so much. And because it was shot for the "3D Effect", it looks kinda cheesy in some parts (and some deaths). It's quite a short film, but it definitely packs in a whole lot of entertainment.


(7 1/2 of 10)

CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS doesn't take itself very seriously and that works very well for this film. It feels alot like "Meet the Robinsons" meets "Jimmy Neutron"... Your kids will love it. Anna Faris brings to life another lauhg-out-loud funny character. I enjoyed it, so I say give it a shot if you like this type of animation.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


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This tongue-in-cheek Horror-Comedy is not to be missed! 2 luckless young men and a group of hot young women are held up in a remote cottage surrounded by beautiful lesbian vampires! Thrills and chills ensue. The special effects are done really well considering the film's limited budget. It kind of reminds me of "Tales from the Crypt: Bordello of Blood" with its comedic moments. All-in-all it's a fun little film that I recommend seeing.

Friday, January 1, 2010


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Now here's a fun little film that goes to show you things aren't always what they seem. It's slick, fast-paced fun! On their honeymoon in Hawaii, a young couple learn about a couple that has just killed another honeymooning couple on the same Island that they're traveling on... and they fear that they're next when an all-to-helping young couple offers to guide them to there final destination. It's a classic who-dunnit with a shocking, suspenseful twist! I highly recommend it.


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A worthy follow-up to the smash-hit 2007 film! The boys are back... and this time they've got company: The Chippettes! The two trios go head-to-head in a singing competition to compete to win $25,000 to save their school's struggling music program. Just when I thought the first one was un-toppable, I was more than proven wrong. This "Squeakquel" is full of show-stopping musical numbers, which are only matched by the non-stop laughter that ensues throughout the entire film... You and your family should definitely check this out this holiday season!


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With me having just seen the "Squeakquel" that just came out last week I figured I'd give my review of the original film as well... I loved it! I loved the Chipmunks as a kid and seeing them re-imagined for a whole new generation to enjoy is great to me. I think that the spirit of the original is still very much alive in this modern adaptation. If you and your family hasn't seen this yet, you're missing out!