Wednesday, December 30, 2009

GLEE : Season 1 - Volume 1

(10 of 10)

I'm a GLEEK! I honestly can't get enough of this show. It's fresh, funny, and immensely entertaining. It's full of beautiful production numbers, teenage angst, and so much music that in just 13 episodes, there have been 2 soundtrack CD releases! It follows a Spanish teacher who tries to turn a rag-tag team of singers and dancers into champions. Every cliche type of teen is covered in this hit show. And it has one of the funniest "Villains" I've seen in a long time: The Cheerleader's female coach who will stop at nothing to put an end to Glee club. This 4-Disc DVD Set contains the first 13 episodes of the show's debut season. The show will return to finish up the season this Spring on the FOX Network. If you haven't seen an episode of this amazing show yet... then what are you waiting for?!

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