Monday, September 15, 2008

The PROM NIGHT Franchise

Alright since I've recently purchased and watched all 5 films in the franchise in one sitting, I've decided to review these as a franchise collection, as I've done with the TCM Franchis...

( 10 of 10 )

I LOVE THIS MOVIE... It was at the very end of the '70s and served as one of the first "Teen Slasher Movies". I will always have respect for it because of that alone. But on another note, I loved Jamie Lee Curtis in it. It had a nice plot twist that I don't think alot of people expected until the very end. It's without a doubt the best film in the franchise.

( 9 1/5 of 10 )

I Like the fact that it's a fun Horror-Comedy and hate the fact that it has NOTHING to do with the previous film. It wasn't what I expected the sequel to be about, but at the same time, I'm not Bitching either because it's still a good film on its own. But if you're expecting a continuation of the first film you may want to sit this one out. But if you've never seen the first film you can still appreciate the film for what it is: A Great Popcorn Flick!

( 8 of 10 )

This film follows the story of Mary Lou Maloney. It's a pretty good Horror Comedy. But don't see the version that's on the Region 1 double feature disc of P.N. 3+4 together, as you get the cut-to-shit version that removed all the language, nudity, and the gore shots. (Which is the version I have) Region 1 doesn't have the original uncut version on DVD at all. So if you wanna see it the way it was meant to be seen, you'll have to dig out the old VHS release of it. Or get the australian disc and a region free dvd player. (or the software to make your PC play any region discs)

( 4 of 10 )

This was really hard for me to enjoy. Especially since this one doesn't have anything to do with any of the films in the franchise. Instead this one deals with a supernatural priest killing teens at an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere. It's not something I would seek out unless you're like me and have to see EVERY film in the franchise.

( 7 of 10 )

When this was first announced I was all excited to see them remake one of my favorite slasher films. Then, I was dissappointed to see that this is a remake in name-only. It has nothing to do with the story of the original and instead tells a different story all-together. I've seen the Unrated version and still can't tell what they put back in. I mean it still plays out as a PG-13 "Teen" Horror Movie. And it does accomplish that: because I think only the teen-age audience is going to enjoy it.

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